Laura Culham, front end web developer

Photo by Cristina Chow

I'm Laura Culham, a front end web developer in Toronto. I love playing with SVG animationSVG animation and CSS IllustrationCSS Illustration. Here's a blog post I've written about animation. I have a lot of fun building dumb little gamesdumb  little  games  with JavaScript.

On top of ongoing independent study, I've completed the HackerYou full time web development immersive program (winter 2016), as well as the HackerYou JavaScript course taught by Wes Bos.

While I'm coding, I'm constantly thinking about:

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Great with:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript including ES6
  • jQuery
  • RESTful APIs/Ajax
  • Sass
  • Flexbox
  • Responsive best practices
  • Ideal social metadata
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Very familiar with:

  • Github via the command line
  • Custom WordPress/php
  • Gulp
  • Bootstrap (though I don't rely on it!)
  • SEO processes
  • Basic Photoshop tasks for web
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Currently learning:

  • React
  • Webpack 2
  • CSS Grid
  • Advanced Web Animation

But enough talk, here's my portfolio to back it up!

Passing It On

Once upon a time, I was struggling to write WordPress loops in Dark Horse Coffee on Spadina. Some random developer next to me could clearly see what was happening, and decided that he would volunteer to help me learn WordPress, then and there. He talked me through the whole logic of it for some time, and I finally started to understand. It was a weird day, but I love that our dev community can be so supportive and generous.

I've seen this magic happen again and again, and I appreciate that now I am in the position to be the mentor. I get such satisfaction out of being able to help another person understand new concepts and get inspired to build great stuff. I volunteer as a mentor to newer developers at both Ladies Learning Code and HackerYou.

Get In Touch?

I have nearly two years of agency experience as a front end developer. I'm accustomed to tight deadlines and very high standards. My dream role would be on a team that encourages big challenges and promotes ongoing learning. Here's my resume.